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" ���è� ��ǹ�� ��ӡ�û�Ѻ��ا�к� �Դ��駡��ͧǧ�ûԴ ���稾�����Թ�к����º��������

���¡��ͧ����դس�Ҿ���Ѵ��� �Ҿ�� ��������Դ� ������ҡ��� ���ͤ�����ʹ��¢ͧ�١��ҷ��բ�鹤�Ѻ "

To improve the system. Installation of CCTV. The system was successfully completed.

With the camera quality, better color vision in the dark. Zoom. For the safety of my clients better.


Chakran Sauna (���è� ��ǹ��)

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���Ƿء�� "���ѡ���è� �ҡ���"

CHAKRAN �ٹ���آ�Ҿ��·�觴��������ѧ��÷���ش㹡�ا෾��ҹ�� �Ẻ��������ͤ� MOROCCO �ѹ������ä���觪��˹��� ����Ǻ������ �ش�ʹ�����繪���������� ������������� �س�о��Ѻ����ҡ����� Harlem
� �����ҧ�ͧ CHAKRAN �о��Ѻ������¹�� POOL ����ʹ�ѭ�ǹ� ���������ѧ�֧�ٴ���س���蹹���տ��ʴ�����§��¹�ӷ�赡��з�������¹�� ��ͧ����� ��к�������ͧ���� POOL SIDE CAFÉ ���������¹�� ���������� �������ͧ���� �������ҡ������������ԡ�� ������ͷ��բ�Ҵ�˭� ����������ö�� 㹡���Ѻ��зҹ����� �͡�ҡ��鹤س�ѧ �о��Ѻ��� Jacuzzi ������ ��ͧ SAUNA ��Ҵ�ҵðҹ
��ͧ STREAM ����͡Ẻ�����͡�ô����آ�Ҿ�������ͧ���ҧ��� �ա����ѧ�����ʹ��������س � ����dz��� 3 ������ͧ�͡���ѧ��� GYM ������ػ�ó�ú��ѹ���ҵðҹ ��о�ѡ�ҹ����繡ѹ�ͧ�������� �������й���س�ء��� �ء�͹ 㹡�ú�������ҧ��� ���������ç�֧�ٴ����µҷء��� �Ѵ���� ����ͧ����Ѻ���ѡ��͹ HEART TO HEART ������ͧ����ըӹǹ�ҡ ���¢�Ҵ �����ҡ��������������͡�ѡ��͹ ����������Դ��Թ�Ѻ��ê� MOVIE 仴��� ��鹺��ش���ǹ�������¿�� TERRACE ��������ҡ��㹡�þѡ��͹�ա���� �ء���ҧ�س����������

����������� ��� CHAKRAN SAUNA

Thailand is well known paradise for Gay, Bangkok is in the heart of the Gay district, Chakran Sauna,
located in the town area, is the best place where you should visit�

If you are one who likes a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, Chakran Sauna is your right choice! We provide full of excellent facilities � swimming in a thorough cleaning pool, working
out or watching the others� perfect body in a gym room, relaxing your body in a steam and sauna room, or you can join our crasy, exciting foam party in a warm jacuzzi every weekend!

You can take a rest or chat with someone in our fantastic gardens, if you want to know more about someone, there are so many clean and tidy rooms for enjoying the best moment in private! The poolside restaurant offers the best foods, drinks and dessert cakes� An amazing Thai massage, served by well-trained masseurs.

In Chakran Sauna, come and meet many new friends as you could, our friendly staff who are ready to serve you! Once you are here, you would never forgetable!

You can get off at Ari BTS station, along the Phaholyothin 7 road, then turn left when you reach on Aree Soi 4. For more details, call 0-2279-1359 or visit,

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